Resumés are paper maps; we're the GPS

Resumés are paper maps; we're the GPS

Resumés are paper maps; we're the GPS

Sign up for free now during our beta!

Sign up for free now during our beta!

Sign up for free now during our beta!


We believe your career can't be confined to bullet points. Here, every detail in your project matters

Upload Projects, not Resumés

Your engineering narrative is boundless. Upload as many projects as you desire, from professional achievements to personal hobbies. Each project is a testament to your journey, skills, and innovation. Whether it's a groundbreaking work project or a weekend hobby, your profile becomes a comprehensive portfolio of your career.

AI-Generated Summaries

Our intelligent AI simplifies your story without losing its essence. For each project you upload, our AI crafts a concise summary, making it easier for potential employers to quickly grasp the impact and scope of your work. This feature ensures that your projects are not just seen but understood.








Scalable as you grow

Here, your project details aren't lost through time even if they are lost in memory. Our AI keeps those details alive, aiding your job search years into the future.

Detailed Skills Mapping

Our AI analyzes each project to create a detailed list of skills and their applications. This deep dive into how you've used your skills provides a richer, more accurate picture of your capabilities to potential employers.

Talent Discovery

RealEngineers revolutionizes job matching with advanced semantic and vector search AI. This technology goes beyond keywords, deeply understanding each project's context and intricacies down to each page.

See How It Works

This video showcases how we help you get hired

Features Coming Soon

We are working hard so you don't have to!

Multimedia Project Analysis

RealEngineers will soon introduce an AI feature capable of analyzing multimedia content in your projects, including images and videos with voiceovers. This AI will extract key information from these formats for enhanced search visibility, accurate resumé creation, and integration with Job Lens and AI Chatbot functionalities. Every visual and spoken detail in your multimedia presentations will be utilized to showcase your skills and project details for employers to find you and know you.

AI-Enhanced Job Search

We are developing an AI-driven job search tool that personalizes your job hunt. You'll be able to input your job preferences, select from various job sites for web scraping, and choose projects to base your search on. The AI will prioritize jobs matching the skills in your selected projects and can even focus on specific skills as per your instruction. This will result in a tailored list of job openings that align with your skills, preferences, and career goals. Then auto-generate a resumé for them.

AI-Powered Project

We are in the process of developing an AI tool that will critique and refine your project uploads. This feature will analyze your projects, offering feedback on how to enhance clarity, structure, and overall presentation. The AI's guidance will be based on successful project patterns, helping you to improve your project PDFs in ways that are more appealing to potential employers.

Let your work, innovations, and projects eclipse traditional academic indicators like school prestige or GPA.

Elevate your job search